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The standard VE table is close enough to use as a starting point since you'll be changing it anyhow. So I've considered selling off the moates chip and going to a megasquirt stand-alone setup. with EGO correction turned on (1% increments every 12 sparks, 10% max authority) the adjustment is almost always within 1-2% of my VE table. That keeps the EGO at 16. So now you are ready to tune. So you finally have Megasquirt (or  I started with a tune that was giving to me for a completely stock tercel, I did mess with the VE table but I haven't touched the the ignition table. This is the ultimate in control, using the MS3 setup, it has VVT control and SD card logging, providing a true Plug-n-Play ECU You will then enter values into the table so that above 100Kpa you will be tuning twords a 11. My point is that it doesn't make sense that you would have to retune the VE table for what is effectively the equivalent of a throttle body not opening as far as it could. erkennt und man im Table auf 80% stellt, wird dann mit 8g/sec der Sprit berechnet. My engine is bored . Jun 08, 2016 · A standard zirconia narrowband lambda sensor will output 0-1. 7 hours ago · MegaSquirt is the premier Do-It-Yourself EFI controller Whether you are looking to gain in-debt knowledge of EFI by building a full featured ECU on your own, or simply want to save money building a proven reliable kit, from MegaSquirt origins the DIY spirit is available in partial and complete kits. 1) where did i sed, i will read analog cam sensor?? the optical sensor, is digital, and uses attach interupt. Nov 27, 2014 · Normally when warm (85C-90C) the enrichment will be 0, meaning 100% of VE table. Initial VE Table Calculator Spark table to to calculate spark degree Initial Spark Advance Table Calculator AFR table use by Auto Tune to adjust VE tables. Here will split up some hptuners and megasquirt sub sections and also i think i can post the downloadable tune files. View any 16 grouped Replay Signals. Page 2- Req_fuel vs. Includes the MS3X expansion board. 2 MSPNP2s, go to Basic Setup -> More Ignition Settings ). Application: GM V8 based vehicles. 0, the Bill Of Materials, the case, pre-machined endplates and heatsink bar, even the tube of heatsink compound and a bit of jumper I'm starting this thread to hopefully bring together all the smart tuning people on the forum to help and critique my Megasquirt install. Like you said yourself, it will just cause the engine to operate at a different load setting in the VE table since the Y-axis of the table is already MAP. Dusterbd13-michael MegaDork 3/12/20 8:10 a. 5 bar MAP sensor is standard equipment. From there, fine tune it with autotune, or the ve analyzer, or by hand if your into that. Show less. - Ford Modifications Website. However, if you already have a suitable VE table (from tuning with MegaSquirt ® EFI Controller, for example), you can 'Tables/VE Table/File/VE Import' an 8×8 VE table. Auto tune only the one VE point you select. Report abuse. In some cases this can make the engine easier to tune, and better at adapting to changing engine parameters. Gen III - Speed Density VE Table and MAF Tuning Instructions with a Wideband O2 Sensor Create by 69lt1bird – Jeff Anderson 5 5. EVO ECUs by AMP EFI do not have peak and hold injector drivers, but The dual table set up was the only way I could get the AFR's equal using the larger Injectors. This is where it gets controversial, I've utilized one on my tuning efforts mounted to a light aluminum bracket system atop my fuel tank - one needs to avoid distraction while in motion. 0L FS motor/trans in a BG chassis. Below is a vid on Youtube so it will be big enough to see good Anyway, I've been searching around on here and have seen a ton of people asking questions about the megasquirt. No need for a separate data acquisition system, EVO will log up to 64 channels, conservatively, at 330hz. The gear derived from the shift table is the target gear, and the controller will attempt to shift from the current gear to the target gear (if they aren't the same already, of course MegaSquirt Tuning We’ve been driving the 142 around town the last few days, tuning its new fuel injection system. The spark tables here can be a real good basis to start with but the fuel table WILL be a lot different for every engine. Need help with Megasquirt setup or tuning in South Wales, give me a shout! I'll keep working on my Ign table and VE Porsche 944 Microsquirt project - completed A few months ago I posted on here asking for tips on squirting my car, and got good advice. zip (5. Remember that the table generated is only a starting point for tuning. I need to read up more on that style of tuning AFTER i tweak the ve table to allow me to free rev with some freakin throttle response. Please list: Injector SizeOctane RatingTurbo & PSI RunningStyle of IgnitionThanks guys I will have my Tables/Maps up as soon as I know there good. Q-Tuning is the UK’s largest ECU programming service, represented in over 83 countries. Tunerstudio rescale table Tuning with AFR Table vs VE Table [Pay it Forward Garage] - Duration: 11:10. It is similar to MSTweak3000, but operates in real-time, without a datalog, and on any variant of code and processor that uses MegaTune. With Q-Tuning users can get more power, torque, and better MPG for their vehicle. The Megasquirt from CIS-E and Motronic Official Post! 05-06-2004 06:01 PM #1 It is a build it yourself or buy it pre-built system that can utilize most existing factory wiring and sensors, but a VW wiring harness is usually reason alone to rewire. Could you guys take a look and guide me in the right direction? I don't want to actually start building boost while tuning and risk hurting the engine. . If you've got a horrible AFR table, VEAL will give you a correspondingly horrible fuel map. 0 Vert Megasquirt II with V3 Board running MS2Extra 2. Die 100 im ve Table sind einzig 100%, wenn man über maf abstimmt. Q-Tuning. its they same exact thing with the VR sensor, only it has a more clean signal, and is way easier to implement. Table Switching Basically, my tune goes like this: map 1 controls all vacuum,cruise,idle loads. MegaSquirt-II has a faster processor, better injection pulse resolution, and has a number of added functions (like a ignition control, stepper IAC driver, and user configurable spare outputs for things like fan control or shift lights). They are a market leader for remapping and chip tuning across 3,000 vehicles monthly. With EGO on, take a long drive/datalog. com] - realtime display of Subaru learning parameters RomRaider [Jared / romraider. Tony has a very good start file. I've been intrigued with the MegaSquirt project since it was first featured on Slashdot sometime in early 2003. 00 = 14. It is designed to work in Mozilla Firefox 6. A#3: In order for the MS-II to drive the ISV you have to make some mods (you use another transistor). The VE (volumetric efficiency) table represents the main fuel map for the engine and is where you will be doing most of your tuning. As you can see in the middle picture below, the boost was between 14 and 15psi. 22 hours ago · I've had no issues with the card so far for tuning TV or recording video. Tainter, I agree but here is my thoughts. Dec 10, 2003 · Once that was repaired, the MegaSquirt system responded instantly to tuning changes and within a few minutes we had tuned the entire wide-open-throttle power fuel map, making an impressive 450 lb The paid version of TunerStudio simply adds tuning and analysis software, such as VE Analyzer Live to tune the fuel tables based on wideband O2 feedback (requiring a wideband O2 sensor and controller, sold separately). So if we have a hot engine with 36° maximum advance and 16° idle advance (at 800rpm), the spark table might look like this for 100kPa: Jaxx is correct that changing the intake conditions shouldn't require retuning VE. Plug in the tuning cable first. now running Acceleration Enrichment - Megasquirt. A. The MS330-K kit includes everything you will need to build your MegaSquirt-3. I had to have Inj timing 1 at 12deg and inj timing 2 at around -60deg. VE Analyze - Unparalleled Analyisis of your log files and tune correct your fuel table for you. I have a '94 3. Otherwise you end up like me with 147 for VE at peak torque on an engine I know is at ~97% VE there from the dyno. 56 posts Previous; 1; 2 Tuning help is available on the MS forum, Lance was a great help for me. Dec 10, 2003 · Once that was repaired, the MegaSquirt system responded instantly to tuning changes and within a few minutes we had tuned the entire wide-open-throttle power fuel map, making an impressive 450 lb MS3Pro EVO Standalone Engine Management System by MegaSquirt Introducing MS3Pro EVO: MS3Pro EVO is an evolution, not a revolution- a scaled up, more capable MS3Pro due to shared technology with big brother, MS3Pro Ultimate. It's in the Assembly post. Adjust the engine constants, the injector(s), VE table, and you are ready to party! Josh Stewart, who wrote all code, has done a great job. 20 as per example in the dialog box. Turbo Tuning with MegaSquirt To set up the fuel curves for your turbocharged engine with MegaSquirt, you have a number of parameters to work with. MEGAsquirt - A place to Miata Turbo Forum - Boost cars, acquire cats. Sep 18, 2015 · Boost Duty Table. View Full Version : Engine Management & Proper Tuning Pages : [1] 2 which megasquirt to use? Emanage Ultimate on a BP? Thanks for choosing Fuel Injector Clinic injectors for your GM vehicle. Afdrukken. E28 Megasquirt FAQ By Bradley Denton Revised 01/06/10 Since there is a lot of interest in Megasquirt as well as a lot of people on this board either using MS or planning to, I felt that I would try to help add to the knowledge base. Sep 22, 2018 · The Megasquirt series of ECU allow you to have full stand-alone fuel and ignition management (and more) for any car. 39 V ~ 10. IDLE TUNING Foreword by Rinkrat456: This article is literally copied and pasted from Krambo's Silverado SS page. e85 will help any car really, but with my turbo i cant take my motor as far as brent did with his e85 motor. The megasquirt firmware and circuit board designs (excluding the MS3 daughter card) are all open source. Navigate to the Ignition Settings -> Ignition Options/Decoder Wheel (For v1. 5. I reset my AFR table and turned on auto tune. The advanced TunerStudio software provides an intuitive, straight-forward tuning experience for pros and enthusiasts alike with best in class self-learning, self-tuning fuel table strategies to assist you. Easy to tune. I usually dont give complete tunes away for free. 5 which is 4. No matter how much I cut the VE fuel table numbers down it will not begin to lean out at all 87 LX 5. x * DRAFT * Dated: 2014-08-29 (Optional) This version of the documentation applies to the Megasquirt-3 range of products which includes: May 28, 2010 · Due to very limited budget, I've decided to build my own ecu to fit in my car. Table after table of arcane numbers, weird figures, lambda this, AFR that, wastegate duty cycle etc. 65 represents 65% volumetric efficiency). No use of VE analyzer or tuning of the VE table will happen. 1989-1994 Nissan S13 chassis, SR20DET with manual transmission – also perfect for 240SXs with this swap! S13 SR20DET 8994 MegaSquirt PNP Gen2 Plug and Play installs quickly in the factory location. You are aiming to achieve 11. Bei den ersten Fahrten mit Autotune wird das komplett über den Haufen geworfen. The main tuning tools that people use, TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer, are NOT open source. 1, Innovate LC-1 Wideband, Innovate AuxBox, Innovate XD-16, Ported GT-40's, Typhoon intake, 70mm TB, 30lb FMS injectors, X-303 cam, Tremec 3550, Powerdyne BD-11a 6 lbs. Launch control and table switch circuit, table switch is on JS9, Launch JS11: Software. Getting a good idle starts with having the timing and fuel set correctly, on a 5. Autotune is an algorithm built into recent releases of MegaTune that automatically tunes your VE table based on EGO feedback. Vergiss den VE Table Kalkulator! Damit kannst du dir eh nur ein gaaaaanz grobes Startkennfeld erstellen. (these are input and adjusted using the tuning software). When I put the 33lbs/hr injectors in I just stuck with the dual tables, as it had been the best results from the larger injector tests. MegaSquirt is an experimental device intended for educational and research purposes. Megasquirt Kit bought from US: Kit in assembling: The Messy engine bay wiring: Mitsubishi DSM 1G 4-2 CAS Sensor replacement: In car wiring fxxked up and re-routed: Finished product: Megatune Tuning Setting: VE Table: Generate a ve table using your guesses, get the car started using the instructions in the megamanual, adjust your required fuel until the idle is 13. no idea on torgue so imputed some mk4 gti revo 1 torques figures i found from someone ,rev limit is Hey guys, Im tuning a boosted ej20g with a megasquirt 3 with ms3x setup for full sequential injection and wrx/sti coilpacks as well. Regards tuning the ignition table, this can only be fine tuned on a rolling road. TunerStudio is the current software for tuning the MegaSquirt. Everytime I make some changes to the spark advance map, I save it as a backup, so I can always compare it to the previous advance numbers I used. Everything is completely different than tuning with open ecu. MS2 Extra MegaSquirt 2 EMS stand alone engine management system assembled with the latest surface mount PCB3. May 27, 2014 · VX SS Timing Table Below is a VX HSV 255kw upper timing table. 0, the Bill Of Materials, the case, pre-machined endplates and heatsink bar, even the tube of heatsink compound and a bit of jumper wire is included. 4 (new req_fuel / current req_fuel) So go into the VE table, highlight the whole table (right click on one corner and drag to the opposite corner) then click on the "*" in the top right corner. Alternative Tuning / W. Together TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer bring you the power to capture, view and analyze vehicle data as your engine produces it, then act upon it. What makes my install a little unique is the application. To test the polarity set every cell to 0 and do a run to see if you hit boost cut or not. View and Edit your Fuel, Spark and AFR tables from a big file. Megasquirt Kit bought from US: Kit in assembling: The Messy engine bay wiring: Mitsubishi DSM 1G 4-2 CAS Sensor replacement: In car wiring fxxked up and re-routed: Finished product: Megatune Tuning Setting: VE Table: Ms3 Ve table tuning. Updated 3-28-16 Latest Tuning/Utility Software Revisions TunerStudioMS is the software application that is used to tune your MegaSquirt EFI controller. Categories Megasquirt MS3pro MS3Pro Ultimate Standalone Engine Management System met 2,4m (8') universele draadboom. Specs: Gen2 3sgte 550 cc injectors Ats GT3017 kit Aftermarket Tuning the spark table has been very hard, read about it in my Tuning post (I've updated it). Thanks! So this gives us a nice layout with a little bit more information that may be relevant to what we're doing at the time. A hour of running about Bendigo with the 'auto tuning' and I'm REALLY impressed! I just need to find more space where I can do more 1st, 2nd and 3rd rev limit runs to finish off that last 6000 to 7000rpm Mar 31, 2012 · I've got an el-cheapo USB to serial converter that always seemed to work fine for connecting to routers and switches, so I didn't buy a new one and just prayed this would work for me. Volumetric Efficiency (VE) entries in the 12×12 MegaSquirt-II™ (or MicroSquirt®) VE table are expressed as a percent (i. m. This will tell the MSPNP to ignore the ignition table and hold a fixed advance angle. Jan 01, 2009 · The art of fine-tuning an engine computer is viewed as one of the blackest in the aftermarket. 8. Normally when warm (85C-90C) the enrichment will be 0, meaning 100% of VE table. • Megasquirt® is easily configured to control fuel delivery and spark timing for the BMW 2002 M10 engine Warning: Megasquirt® is not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles . 25+. here is a log picture i don't now how to post a entire log. 4L 5-spd camaro and have been running Megasquirt on it Miata Megasquirt Tuning has 1,833 members. 75 AFR Jun 22, 2020 · Find DIY AutoTune MegaSquirt MS3Pro EVO Standalone Engine Management Systems MS3VE-LS58XM and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! DIY AutoTune MegaSquirt MS3Pro EVO standalone engine management systems are scaled up, more capable units due to the shared technology with their big brother, MS3Pro Ultimate. 2 is usually good with 18-22* of timing a steady idle should be attainable with the IAC valve unplugged. Table cells marked for each record; Navigate quickly through Log files hundreds of thousands of records long. Jan 26, 2011 · Due to very limited budget, I've decided to build my own ecu to fit in my car. Tunerstudio said it was connected, YAY! Next I need to calibrate the TPS sensor. from the factory the ve table is the backup controller, the maf is the primary measuring device for airflow, the maf reading is double checked against the ve table to make sure nobodies gone crazy. 1-Processor: You can select one of two processors (68HC908 or MegaSquirt-II). Your VE table will be a lot flatter, and will represent the  21 Mar 2006 Connect to your MegaSquirt using MegaTune and open your fuel/VE Table. Megasquirt: Additional TunerStudio Features | Evans Performance  This is a tool for establishing a baseline VE table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt. It is designed to work in Internet Explorer 6. it's not so notseble in the log but the AFR goes from 14. The table above controls the duty cycle of the boost solenoid. Verify and Load to MegaSquirt: Open MegaTune and 'File/VE Import/ YourFile ', Burn the values to the controller when prompted, Verify that the VE numbers and map/rpm bins are suitable for your engine. 0 degrees. systems. Honda took a different approach to the problem of simplifying Speed-Density. Miata Turbo Forum - Boost cars, acquire cats. "Invested $60 bucks in the registered version of Tuner Studio [tuning software for Megasquirt ECU]. There are a few spots where it goes to 3-4% for a split second while accelerating or decelerating. Problem is, What seems great in theory isn't exactly what's happening in the engine and Megasquirt seems to over correct and run too lean at warmer temps. The tabled injector data provided in the excel sheet that you can download by following the link on the right are customized to be used by HP Tuners software in the OE GM ECU’s. You'll have to tweak them, but they'll give you a place to start from. 0 i then generated a afr table , based on some estimates , hp -no idea , but i think around 200bhp, the mk2 is far quicker then my mk4 gti,. 4 Megasquirt, now Afr target table was turned off. 1v as the absolute limits of its range, I assume you'd know if you'd bought & fitted a wideband sensor & controller, so that leaves the possibility that you have used the original Range Rover titania sensors which are resistive and will basically cause the ECU input pin to "float" up to the internal supply voltage of 5v. So when you see a 87 in the VE table, that means that at that speed/load point, the engine is efficient enough to fill the cylinder 87% of the way up. Click on the VE analyze live tab and click start auto tune on the far right. I'm not 100% happy with the transmission (want it to shift closer to 6K and I need to tweak the springs as mid shifts aren't right) but I will probably get that sorted out in a few dry days. I need a few pointers. 6. . The most important of these are the Req_Fuel value and the VE table (8x8 volumetric efficiency table). Basic terminology. Tools/Autotune. On the right hand side out here, we've got our fuel table, which is what we're going to be tuning. You need to be looking at base fuel, timing and cold start enrichments. So basically if you have a megasquirt, here is where you can share what your car setup is and upload the different tunes you have to share within the community. The megasquirt engine management system (in all its iterations) has a pretty steep learning curve. 22 hours ago · Free Shipping. For MegaSquirt-II™ (or MicroSquirt®), VE (= percentage cylinder filling) is relative to manifold pressure, according to the following equation: Apr 29, 2012 · You can tune your VE tables a couple of ways: 1. Volumetric Efficiency. 0, though it may work with other browsers. The MegaSquirt is a traditional speed density system much like the Accel DFI and F. 2. 5:1 at cruise, but lets you set it anywhere else in the rest of the table. Set the top table to the VeTable you wish to analyze; Click VE Analyze; In the dialog, click  This is a tool for establishing a baseline AFR table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt® or MicroSquirt® controllers. Tuning and Emissions. Jan 25, 2012 · I've got pretty good crawling / low speed control now with the lower revs mapped out pretty flat. MS3Pro EVO does not have peak and hold injector drivers, but it does share some increased I/O, a MegaSquirt is a revolutionary performance oriented engine management system (EMS) developed by Grippo & Bowling. It is messy and has low timing advance at low rpm with a mountain chopped out of it at low rpm. Megasquirt, do my bidding. Looking at the math above, Honda essentially pulls the final desired injector pulse (n / injector flow constant) out of a table. Plug and play means you remove the stock ecu, plug in the PiMP, run a vacuum/boost line from the PIMP to the engine, follow a few basic setup steps 1. Thanks, BlackRex. when auto tuning dont change elevations 6. 36 KB - downloaded 200 times. It will offer some of the UMS features, including a 12 x 12 table. 1 degree steps on Finally a complete drop in plug and play High Quality Custom Megasquirt 1 , 2 or 3 harness with fuse and relay box. Or you can copy the table values to an EXCEL sheet, and then multiply the values. com. 7. Thomas505's AUII Megasquirt Install. Fortunately, my basemap came with a reasonable AFR target table that I used straight away. 0 at WOT. It's on the road now and driving better than ever. ) Here is a table that I threw together By crossrefrencing the analog voltages with the gasoline AFR. Try to scale both VE and Spark with the same units, it’ll make tuning a big easier. He is an HPTuners member on this site. 57:21 Megasquirt Live Training: Turbocharged Mazda Miata Part 4 Once the truck heats I've attempted multiple times to lower a few numbers in the VE fuel table to lean it out. If you've ever driven one of the last Range Rover's on the Thor setup and Bosch TunerStudio VE Analyze Live, the industry's 1st ; most proven, fast and accurate Live Autotune, now brings MegaSquirt Trim Table Autotune! Even better, you don't have to have a Wideband for each cylinder! The VE table should be looked into next, then the maf. Disabled barometric correction and used parts of the previous MS2 table to get a rough tune. The system is available either complete or as a do-it-yourself electronics project requiring some assembly. It has a spec similar to yours with a cross flow head (built by FlowSpeed before Sean quit doing them!) on a 3 main 1800 with a T9 5 speed and a 3. These easy to use applications simplify making changes and even offer recommendations and automatic correction using data analytics at a level that is not offered by any other automotive tuning Rather than calculating the air flow from the VE table and manifold pressure (MAP), you can use a mass air flow (MAF) sensor measure the amount of air directly. VEAnalyze Live feature is capable of automatically tuning fuel (VE) tables in real time Fully Enabled MS3-Pro comes fully loaded and fully enabled, there are no additional features to “unlock” or hidden up-charges to gain access to any functionality. Typically the one closest to 600 rpm and 20 kpa. Caution the 029y4 file has a ‘wrong’ req_fuel and if you plan on using it set it correctly and scale the VE table by . If you buy the paid version of TunerStudio it comes with a neat feature called Tune Analyze Live. This software seems to work way better than auto mixture control and autotune that was included in Megatune. over exhaust timing was the holy grail of engine tuning, that No need for a separate data acquisition system, MS3Pro EVO will log up to 64 channels, conservatively, at 330hz. 2 or so, and 18-22deg making exactly the same power but feels much smoother and much safer tuneup. 0 stock engine. We take out the hard part all you have to do is pass it through firewall, connect the plugs, and 3 wires (12 v battery , 12 v switched and ground! Mustang VE table1. Good luck on your project, I would recommend MSII, its just gonna take some time to get it 100% tuned! 18 Jul 2013 I've seen a car very similar to this build at GPI. I've been slowly road tuning my car and I've started to get my VE table dialled in to where I want to to be, but now I'm having an issue which Engine tuning is the adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine or Engine Control Unit megasquirt 3 self tuning (ECU) to yield optimal performance and increase the engine's power output The paid version of TunerStudio simply adds tuning and analysis software, such as VE Analyzer Live to tune the fuel tables based on wideband O2 feedback (requiring a wideband O2 sensor and controller, sold separately). 72. jpg (164. To alter the VE table values using MegaTune, go into Tuning - VE Table 1. Complete, ready to run MegaSquirt-III ECUs. Excellant throttle response at all rpms. 91 diff. Turning the setting on/off will require a complete re-tune. Megasquirt tuning guidance needed. Registered TS (TunerStudio) can auto tune WUE, works great. I started with Tony's Bitzracing kit, MS1 with fuel only and have upgraded to MS2 to get an idle valve and EDIS for spark. 3. Finally have success and am real happy with my current tune. I wanted to do a post to tell everyone a bit about the Megasquirt EFI standalone computer and it's use for a 3. MegaTune will correctly interpolate it and give you a corresponding 12×12 table. I am a software engineer with little experience with low-level electronics. 8 = 0. So if 50F = 283 Kelvin and 80F= 299 Kelvin then Megasquirt would want to inject 283/299 or about 6 1/2% less gas at the warmer temps. Then the factory ECU connectors. The general answer is to read the mega manual. Reply 19 Aug 2016 After this video you should be able to get your car running well enough on MS to bring it to your tuner or definitely have a head start on tuning it  17 Aug 2016 How to easily rescale tunerstudio tables. ) Mustang MSQ. MegaSquirt-II™ processor MX5 / Miata 1. Go to 'FILE>VE Export', and save your VE Table to a . Tuning EAE requires a well dialed in VE table so once the table is fully tuned, you may wish to explore it as the result will be better engine response than the old accel pump can deliver and more accurate fueling. Use these to make your starting tables. 2psi. What Bill said. Fuel and the AFR table. Are you using tunerstudio? I am using the paid version and there is the VE Analyze live feature which tune your fuel map while your running based on your AFR table and it works suprinsingly awesome! _____ Auto tune via MS EGO control. The best method is to calculate the scaling needed to get the VE table correct. Okay, Astro Van is running okay on the street. Now in a perfect world you VE table would be perfectly tuned to match your engine then you plug the MAF in and perfectly tune it to match your VE table. Maybe this is the reason mac1 and poisonn were wondering why my VE table looked different from theirs 1995 Ford Probe GT, black - Garrett GT3076-R @ 11. 8 to 4. During the last couple of weeks I’ve been tuning the ignition advance table on the MegaSquirt ECU. 5 to 15. You can view the original value in the tooltip along with the hit count and weighting. Dann wird bei 100, die unkorrigierte MAF Kennlinie genutzt. 15 Mar 2009 The 'Dual Table' embedded code for MegaSquirt® EFI controllers provides some So if the VE table returns a zero value, then all other calculations Darren recently made some comments about tuning strategies in which  7 May 2017 Alpha-N and the VE table. Tables and programs to use: VCM Scanner Histogram: This is a graphical tool used to record the LTFT , STFT process as it happens live. Wenn die maf Kennlinie gerade 10g/sec. Once again MegaSquirt tuning software stands in front of competitors. > Performance & Tuning > ECUs and Tuning > MEGAsquirt. Tuning Your MegaSquirt 29 Tuning Software 30 Using MegaTune 31 Set the Constants 32 Getting Your Engine Started and Idling 33 Setting the PWM criteria 34 Setting the Cold Start and Warm-Up Enrichments 35 Setting the VE Table 36 Datalogging and MSTweak3000 37 Setting the Acceleration Enrichments 38 Check Certain Resistors 39 Tuning Issues 40 The Fuel VE table then becomes far closer to a true VE table. I will hit the dyno again for tuning after I get Megasquirt installed. After 10 days and 500 miles of tuning with MegaLogViewer, my VE table is done. We've got a couple of the gauges that we're interested in. 5 when it happens and the car jerks a bit. Your problem isn't in the VE table anyhow because at idle you should only be using one bin of the VE table. I procured a 1992 mr2 with a recently rebuild motor a while ago and after about a year of fixing things I'm finally driving it around trying to tune it. Commenting that he hadn't seen an STi Subie make that much power without a fair bit of tuning. #ad #ad #ad Apr 18, 2018 · This tune file should be close to what you need if you are running FRPP lu47 injectors. 1 day ago · Autotune ecu list. 6 ECU & IMMOBI MegaSquirt is the premier Do-It-Yourself EFI controller Whether you are looking to gain in-debt knowledge of EFI by building a full featured ECU on your own, or simply want to save money building a proven reliable kit, from MegaSquirt origins the DIY spirit is Home Board index Tuning Trionic 7; It is currently Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:13 pm; All times are UTC; Limit vehicle speed to 33km/h. msq file version you have saved and start again. Here is the best one of the bunch. Und das im ganzen Table. VE Analyzer live tunes the VE bins to match the AFR table. Unabhängig davon, wo man sich gerade im Table Volumetric Efficiency (VE) entries in 8x8 MegaSquirt VE table actually are VE * gamma, where gamma is the (stoichiometric AFR)/(actual AFR), and VE is expressed as a percent (i. If "Fixed Advance" is set to "Use Table", set it to "Fixed timing". I apologize in advance for the photos - the only digital camera I have is my phone, and whilst its good when its bright (sunny day), I awoke to the following: Jun 27, 2013 · As mentioned in another thread, I figured I'd go ahead and start this one. 1% steps on VE table, 0. There doesnt seem to be a manual yet but its pretty intuitive. Lastly plug in the MAP hose. Whenever I get off the throttle after being on boost a cloud of black smoke apears. This is for my FSP AutoX Build found HERE. IAC setup with 2x11 open/close speed table entries. 7 in the Incorporate AFR Target. Creating an Initial AFR Table for Tuning. Plug-N-Play Standalone Engine Management System With the MegaSquirtPNP EMS, we've simply taken all of the wiring homework and labor out of the project for you. The genuine B&G partial kit with PCB3. The higher the number the more boost. You could build your own tuning tools if you wanted, since you have the communication code. • Flexible spark advance table: You can have different rpm and kPa bins than VE and AFR tables, • Wide Band or Narrow Band Oxygen sensor compatible. I have overun kick on and deaccel set to 0%. I finished setting up the project, connected the cable and turned the key on again. ) Datalogging and tuning. Its under a tab called VE Analyze Live. The VE table is a result of the auto tuning calculations based on the Req. 59 KB, 1279x769 - viewed 432 times. Beginning with the MSPNP2, we redesigned the core of the MSPNP hardware, basing it off of the much faster MegaSquirt-II processor which will give you all of the control you’ve been looking for! Your engine will run smoother, with excellent driveablity as well as what you’re really after, the ability to tune your engine for maximum Aug 25, 2011 · As far as tuning goes, I have a moates quarterhorse I've been using. VE table use to calculate injector opening time. Using the VE Analyze feature in MegaLogViewer, you can adjust and modify your current VE table. ) Spark advance table. Basically, the MAP sensor and RPM values measured by the ECU are used to index a LUT that contains (more or less) a desired fueling value. Unlike any other type of daughterboards available for Nissan vehicles on the market, NIStune boards are the only real-time tuning solution available on a single small standalone board. I am using HEi distributor. He makes a thorough kit. You will gain some power though since your charge density will increase. Idle Tuning for MegaSquirt. plus i left for dead my mates mk4 gti ,revo map 1, many years ago. And a combo graph showing what I managed to do with megasquirt. Engine Diagnostics – DTCs – Set P0103 to 2-No MIL Light. com is to show you just how great of a fuel ethanol can be. Hi all, this is my first post on this forum so hopefully I don't screw it up. The shift table is the heart of the MShift™ transmission control code's auto mode. Idle advance is really a matter of tuning, but assume 8° to 16° in most cases, with stock engines being on the lower end, and 'hotter' engines being on the upper end of that range. Pushrods seemed to have stabilized things out. Looking into the "How To" thread that has grown up in this forum, a very knowledgable person once wrote Tuning MAF setups This guide is for the older setup, please see msextra website for how to on the current setup. These items Mar 07, 2015 · MegaSquirt. As you drive the car you will see the dot move around within the table. Here you will see a green ball floating around the 3D map, this is the current area of the map that the engine is running in. VE table/Enrichments aftermarket engine management Now with in-house Dyno tuning! Megasquirt Tuning! Plug and play LH 2. This table lets the user define the optimal gear for any speed and load. Since I only have a little bit of tuning done, I'm thinking of turning on "Incorporate AFR" and going back to square one with my VE table. 57 in an anodized black case – Assembled Unit Part # MS2357-C MegaSquirt has been installed on thousands of engines from purpose built race-cars to restored classics. Then the VE table is tuned to achieve that AFR. VEAL only knows what you want in a specific area of the map if you tell it. the MegaSquirt ECU into the Miata and all the gauges like the boost gauge and AFM! We also have to tune the 004 ECU Tuning "Turbocharger" In this video i explain how turbocharger works Ken: Thank you for your website and the MegaSquirt files. Megasquirt training course starts with the basics of downloading and installing the TunerStudio software. Creating an Initial Spark Table for Tuning This is a tool for establishing a baseline spark advance table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt® or MicroSquirt® controllers. The MS3-Pro combines the features of the DIY MegaSquirt-3 with all available’expansions’ built right into a single circuit board in a sealed case. I will be Stinger PIMP The Stinger Performance Plug-in Microsquirt Powered (PiMP) engine control unit is the most user-friendly and capable plug and play option available for Ford EEC-IV equipped vehicles. I was running a little rich at idle. For each cell the auto tuning reads the AFR and changes the VE table's value until the actual AFR value from the oxygen hits the value in the AFR table's cell. so the next day when it is colder or hotter instead of changing your tune you will add or remove to the air density table on that temp. Ideally the VE table should be set so that the A/F is about 14. ITB mode uses only 1 VE table and not 2 so it is simpler to tune. S. I take ABSOLUTELY ZERO CREDIT for the length of material you're about to read, however I have made a few comments in-text that you can see which I will highlight in green. Or any other Engine Management System The 3d view below shows a spark table set up this way. Free Download / Stream: When Tuning Goes Wrong (Dyno Fails) Lowbuck LS Turbo Truck Project - Initial Startup and Idle Tuning with HP Tuners 3 Bar Enhanced OS More follow up to the previous 2 videos. Ideally this setting should be turned on before any tuning and the AFR table set to your target AFRs. In this episode we cover what you can control and startup and idle process To fix this, open VE Table 1 and look for the blue line that’s moving on the table. 65 represents 65% volumetric efficiency at 14. 5, then the VE should be adjusted till the A/F comes into line. All you add is tools, solder, and time! The MS3X Xpander board is sold separately and allows you to fully take advantage of S13 SR20DET 8994 MegaSquirt PNP Gen2 Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management System. Your initial timing and fuel maps will make the engine run, but there are lots of variables to make it run right. 7, some of the zones require the engine to be loaded to the point that 14. It's a 2. For an owner or tuner that has never tuned an E85 vehicle it can be a frustrating experience. ) EGO and AFR table. -parted & junked Mar 20, 2017 · MegaSquirt TunerStudio Ignition advance table. Here is my datalog: Wideband set at Jun 09, 2004 · The Megasquirt people are working on an interim to the Ultramegasquirt. The lookup tables Speeduino uses to calculate these primary factors of MAP and rpm are called the VE Table (for fuel), Spark Table (for ignition timing), or AFR Table (for Air:Fuel Ratio targets). It is called MS-II and looks like it might actually appear this year. It is based on the MicroSquirt ® but is designed especially for users wanting to add custom connectors and/or expansion boards. This program will be you basis for where, when and how much to change on the VE table. Megasquirt is a great tuning option if the time is taken to Feb 26, 2009 · I've seen quite a few people asking the same questions over and over again about how to megasquirt your E30. Tuning parameters: REQ_FUEL, volumetric efficiency, injector open time, etc. Cant really compare the holley to the MS stuff. Our goal here at enginebasics. I suspect it gets missed both rich and lean, but I'm obviously more concerned about the lean mistakes. HP Calculator; Do you have our 1000cc high-z injectors? How about our 1120cc low-z injectors? Are you dreaming of upgrading to our 2150cc or 1100 high-z injectors? If you want to know just how much power you can make with what you’ve got (or what you’d like to have) it’s as easy as plugging a few details into our horsepower calculator below: Jul 16, 2012 · 2. The X axis is rpm while the Y axis is throttle We explore using the open and closed loop fuel tuning techniques to dial in the main VE fuel table, as well as optimizing the fuel injection timing table. Ve Table Tuning EFI Analytics , Inc I MegaSquirt firmware uses 4 cell interpolation Good Ve Table Values guideline 30 – 130 Values typically increase as you climb through the table If VE Values out of range adjust required fuel recommendedVE = currentVE * (egoCorrection/100) * (actualAFR / targetAFR) Typical Values: Idle 30 – 60 Use the Scale by button in the VE table, and add the 1. The focus of this thread will be mainly on the MegaSquirt 2 product and the MegaSquirt Extra (MSExtra) firmware (Fuel + Spark) instead of the older MegaSquirt 1 product and f Note the CIS to EFI kit comes with a base configuration and VE table so the tuning is already 95% done. Basic functions such as fuel, ignition and idle programming are covered as well as more advanced features such as anti-lag, rev limiters, traction control, closed loop PID control, boost control, and much more. Here is the start of megasquirt conversion take place. 4L V6. Ignition #ad Fuel #ad AFR #ad I appreciate all the help guys! I've learned a lot thus far. 7 (but you need to input the correct voltage for the Target VE table. I wasn't quite as happy as him, but it was a decent start. e. What is Megasquirt® • MegaSquirt® is a Do-It-Yourself universal programmable electronic fuel injection controller for internal combustion engines. ~321ish whp/303ish wtq @ 19-20 ignition, DIYPNP MS2/extra, etc. Megasquirt tuning help performance & modifications. In our experience two screws up top are usually enough, though four are provided. Im having similar problems with a friends turbo car we are tuning with MS1, i thought the VE analyze would help out from the start, but it made things worse. remember the mat for the day you are tuning. T. If you’ve specified less timing Sep 18, 2015 · Megasquirt ECU Part 2: Fuel Tuning. 1 2. Jul 22, 2012 · If I was in your situation, I would skip the blended tuning step and go directly to the ITB load tuning. Set this value to 12. VX HSV 255 Timing Table Below is a VY Series II HSV 285 upper timing table. It will be a daughterboard that goes inside the MS box. I've been looking for a starting point to fuel inject my ZA Magnette. Saab 9-5 Aero. 5/11. Contributed by: enginebasics. We've got a 3D graphical display of that particular table there. 0 an idle AFR of 13. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to take the red cross hatch to the area of the green ball. Thought folks could use the VE table and Spark for a reference. A relative newcomer to the stand-alone PCM market, the MegaSquirt system is a low cost alternative to its competitors. And I think the maf design is more of a hindrance than an advantage in a boosted application. 8 from 2001-2005 - £995 Plus £18 postage. Make several runs and use a little common sense to smooth out cells that don't match neighboring cells. We offer the absolute latest Thundermax products with excellent Fuel Moto in house tech support. R / Megasquirt / etc and I had to scale back every cell 15 points on the fuel table to run around at 12. Get the base VE’s for warm tick-over correct first before touching these subsidiary areas. Works well. This marks the current engine MAP and RPM. This is real tuning. Unabhängig von den kpa. The MS3 daughter card on its own will give you all these features and more: 0. 3. PM me and I will send you my email if your willing to share. d) The MS controller would be going along for the ride and logging would allow capture of the stock Motronic treatment of ignition timing versus rpm's, load Also have the option of the external switch that will change the spark and ve table for you with the table switching setting. You will tune only the maf transfer function in by using commanded AFR, actual AFR, grams a second, voltage\ADC count. The focus of this thread will be mainly on the MegaSquirt 2 product and the MegaSquirt Extra (MSExtra) firmware (Fuel + Spark) instead of the older MegaSquirt 1 product and fuel only firmware. Tuning (TBD) This section is specific to tuning Triple Weber DCOE Side Draft Carburetors on the Datsun 240z, 260z & 280z. 7 AFR, you use 14. Runs excellant and started easily using the base VE table. Perfect Tuning 6 August 2013 2. Read more. 9. Click your mouse on the words and a drop down arrow will appear, click arrow and the choices show up. So I have a 16x16 VE table fuel tuning on MAF based cars? 24th November 2018, 16:28 after working with PRJ's creation as much as i have i had a thought about tuning for MAF based cars since not everyone wants to convert to the full speed density software for some strange reason or in the case of the 3B 200 20v that cannot be speed density because of code Do this for all the values in the VE table you actually cruise at, but not the higher rpm, higher load areas of the VE table. If you tune it yourself you want to increase VE % just above the point where the engine is straggling when warming up, try to keep it around 14. It is a Fuel Injection computer that you assemble yourself. I tried it out yesterday and was quite impressed. 7 or a little richer. I would highly recommend the megasquirt system to get the most response and power out of this engine. Im Prinzip tut es beinahe jedes Kennfeld, das man aus dem Bauch raus mit etwas Erfahrung erstellt. 0. 8 LOL. VEX file on  These are small VE and spark tables which are used only at idle. tuning blow through carb ls turbo msd 6014 in this video ill be showing you how i tune my ls turbo blow through carb with the msd 6014. MegaSquirt uses all these factors to determine the fuel pulse width - longer pulse widths mean more fuel (richer), shorter pulse widths mean less fuel (leaner). AFR target table, but my VE table is off enough that the target seems to get missed a bunch. • 12 x 12 tuning tables for Volumetric Efficiency (VE) table, 12 x 12 for Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) table, and 12 x 12 for Spark Advance table. You must have a good AFR Target table before attempting to use VEAL. 2-10. I have posted decent msq’s for both 029y4 and Hi-Res HR10g, both can be interchanged on a settings level, VE tables are different. We provide you with a solid base map to tune from to make your installation and tuning process go incredibly smoothly whether you're a super technical computer- ok so this is my ve1 fuel table, i highlighted a fuel bin around 5500, target afr was 16. Looking at the journey I've played with a map showing the key areas I'm keen to map. Zoom in and out. ini file that will be located in the projectcfg folder of your tune folder. Shadow Dash MS for Android Register. Once I get the VE table dialed in running open loop, then I'll enable closed Megasquirt is not sequential, so often the best way to wire injectors is in such a way as to reduce pulses in the fuel rail. It looks like a theoretical timing table with no evidance of customizing the values across the loads and rpm. Feb 10, 2007 · Re: Megasquirt Tuning - VE Table Post by panel » Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:38 am If it were me I'd get it to idle nice when she's warmed up and then go to the tuning section and manually make that table smooth or better yet do a log(20min maybe) and throw it in the VE Analyzer and let it spit out a better VE table. 0 is the most frequently downloaded one by the program users. In theory, it's best to wire the odd numbered injectors to one driver and the even numbered injectors to the other one when working on an inline engine. To do this, use the Tables/VE Tables/Tools/Generate VE Table utility in TunerStudioMS2. The megamanual will give you a good starting point for enrichments and stuff. 7:1 AFR). 9-13. Tuning your fuel VE table with TunerStudio couldn’t be easier. in fact, even with megasquirt, its very comon to use cam triggers like that, and megasquirt supports them, but obviously you dont know what you are tallking about. It is powerful and feature-rich, but it costs hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars less than comparable systems. But I don't like dealing with 75 different fuel and spark tables. While each table is based on speed and density, the functions are separated for tuning purposes. You decide how aggressive and how fast (and other options) MegaTune should adjust your VE entries before enabling auto tune. It is well beyond the scope of a basic tuning rundown to cover this. It does open loop as it sits, and closed loop while tuning with the full version of TunerStudio. M54 Megasquirt 3 Saturday, April 7, 2012 and it's better to just to tune the idle VE table. If you want your table to be a real VE table, and your WBO2 sensor is showing lambda = 1. I think for the self tuning the holley is hard to beat, but on a budget, the plug and play megasquirt is where its at. So if we take this calculated airflow value (based on 100% efficiency), and then multiply it times the real efficiency of the engine, we get the number that's in the VE table. 7 is too lean, but if the commanded PE is say 12. Megatune corrects your VE table entries while you drive. Have been on a long Megasquirt road. I also added 996 cams to the 3. Using TunerStudioMS for Tuning Megasquirt - Guide MSpnp Pro ignoring VE table. ) Logged Tuning E85 Vehicles Steps to properly convert a car to ethanol. Also what kind of deaccel setting are you guys using. This calculated VE table Ignition Table Megasquirt. There are 3 tools to correct that:  Ls1 Idle Tuning DodgeCharger. 5 AFR at the moment. Instead of afrs for fueling, I'm dealing with pulsewidths and ve tables. This is a MicroSquirt ® Module Hardware MicroSquirt ® Module controller is a SMT version of the MegaSquirt-II™ and V3 main board versions of the MegaSquirt fuel injection controller. But I have a few quedtions. Duramax Tuning, Logging, and Gauges. Apr 24, 2015 · Megasquirt Tuning! Plug and play LH 2. They are commercial products compatible with other ECUs as VE should not until—maybe—when you get into a point where the AFM is actually a restriction for resonate areas. Play with the MS tuning tools, they are generally straightforward, but remember if you screw the tuning up irretrievably, just open and re-burn the last known working . The MegaSquirt-3 is a drop in daughter card that greatly expands the MegaSquirt's functionality. This guide is for tuning mass air flow systems using only MAF on the primary fueling algorithm and “NO” secondary mafmap fueling algorithm. I've had a fair few people ask me questions about MegaSquirt ECU, so I thought I'd share some of my knowledge and experience. Enrichment or enleanment from stoichiometric comes from the AFR table. The MegaSquirt Thread I've had a fair few people ask me questions about MegaSquirt ECU, so I thought I'd share some of my knowledge and experience. , 5 lug conversion w/ Cobra R Rims. The VEAL feature of tuner studio is also compatible with ITB mode but not with blended since VEAL does not understand using 2 VE tables together for tuning. MegaSquirt linearly interpolates between the four cells nearest to the end of the line. I am looking for a base tune for a AMC 360 using Megasquirt II. I for one read through that thing hundreds of times just to get simple answers and pointers. 22 hours ago · This is the ultimate in control, using the MS3 setup, it has VVT control and SD card logging, providing a true Plug-n-Play ECU. Your having to change the Req_fuel from 11. 4. 0- Page 1 of 9 - Megasquirt Maps and Tables - posted in MPI/Standalone Trials and Tribulations: Hey guys please post your Constants, Ignition, and VE Tables to help those who are just starting in MPI and could use a good set of base maps. 1 day ago · Mar 29, 2009 · I need to reset the immobiliser on my 1998 mazda mx5. Basically it just takes the output from your wide-band sensor and alters your fuel table to match your target AFR table. 0, though it may work with  Do not try to tune accel before you have tuned the VE, AFR, and spark tables,; If you report a problem to the list, please supply details (and preferably a datalog,  MegaLog Viewer - View MegaSquirt log files visually with graphs. now whatever the weather you are tuning in, that is going to be 100 in the air density table. Copy the values and paste them in the VE table. Set the top table to the VeTable you wish to analyze; Click VE Analyze; In the dialog, click Run Analysis; When analysis is complete, the suggested table will be displayed. Idle VE (under  Tuning Information. That should do the trick. After you do that, then go to the VE Table and go to tools and click "Generate VE table" ; that'll get you a base VE map. The higher the weighting the more sure you can be that optimal value has been generated. 14. Use Tony's file to start the engine and then tune the VE table to your specific engine. 4 Megasquirt, now with stealth mode! I've already stretched out an M47 so that the whine from 1,2,3and 5 was louder than the This MS330-K_BL kit includes everything you will need to build your MegaSquirt-3. 7/9. You may only have to do some fine tuning. Philip Bradley The MegaSquirt-III is a drop in daughter card that greatly expands the MegaSquirt's functionality. Each engine combination is going to need a wildly different VE table and even two engines configured exactly the same will end up with a different table when tuned. All new Shadow Dash MS provides not only mobile logging via your Android phone or tablet, but now the dashboards you have appreciated with TunerStudio have been brought to your Android phone or tablet as well. This is a tool for establishing a baseline AFR table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt® or MicroSquirt® controllers. Megasquirt-3 Setting up Megasquirt-3 Product Range MS3 1. 15 Oct 2006 You can then go to Tuning > Ve Table 1 Then Tools > Autotune The red dot will now chase the green dot around and tune to the target AFR you . If you find it is the opposite then you can invert the output polarity in the settings. 060 and stock cam and heads. Once you have your main VE table tuned, you may wish to explore these tables. To start you tuning efforts with your MicroSquirt® controller, you can calculate an initial VE table that has sufficient RPM and kPa bins, as well as an estimate of the VE based on your maximum torque and horsepower figures. With the engine running you will see a blue dot hovering over the spot in the VE table that the computer is looking at. Drill holes in the rear firewall and screw the MSPNP to the firewall with the provided sheet metal screws. vg30'd s13 in progress. After half a dozen datalogs, you can get a pretty good tune. With the help of Steve Berry, we’ve datalogged (which is simple using Megatune) all of the fuel injection’s parameters, including the O2 readings from the Innovative Technologies wideband sensor. 5-12 AFR, and below 100 Kpa you will be tuning to a 14. This will be easier and avoid any configuration errors with loading a tune file from a different firmware or with some other hardware change that provides a software/hardware conflict. It is designed to work in Internet Explorer  17 May 2017 What this allows you to do, is tune for the "actual" volumetric efficiency of your motor. com Forum > Discussion Boards > Charger Discussion (Moderators: Chryco Psycho, hemigeno, firefighter3931, Charger-Bodie) > Who wants to Megasquirt, full sequential fuel/ spark a 68 charger! This Guy!! Aug 10, 2005 · MegaSquirt TBI Enrichment Tuning - posted in Engine and Performance Mods: I have been trying to tune the accel enrich for a while now and cant seam to get it to work properly. Details Written by Phil Tobin. 5-14. 5:1 or so, this should scale your VE table to were it should be. (specifically the bottom left where it idles after a cold start)(35-40 kpa on map and 900-950rpm) It idles around 9. I was going back through all the videos and I knew I missed something critical, I had been researching the MegaSquirt products and they do VE, but many people tune a VE table and don't reference an AFR Table at all, so their VE tables are like from 40% up to 180% and it always confused me. \u000BTunerStudio Setup \u000BIn order to datalog a maf setup properly we will need to make a custom. Slowly but surely it dialed it right in to the AFR I requeste Similar Topics - Megasquirt spark table Forum Date; anyone got a megasquirt spark table i could borrow: EFI Tuning Questions and Engine Management: Apr 6, 2006: Need help Megasquirt Pnp no spark: EFI Tuning Questions and Engine Management: May 24, 2015: no spark with my Megasquirt: EFI Tuning Questions and Engine Management: Aug 16, 2012 Here is a screen shot of the current table that was loaded in. ve table tuning megasquirt

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